Friday, February 10, 2006

top 10 paradox's of the human condition

By no means is this a definitive list, and in fact it could use some editing, or rethinking. But it is what it is for now. Add a comment if you have a suggestion or correction.

10. Wasted desires
-Our desires for things that are essentially useless to everyday survival. Such as the arts. Although the arts do often provide a cathartic release which can be useful. How about collections though. Owning the complete Alice in wonderland plate collection which ends up sitting in a box in your basement is not very useful.
9. Redundant Media
-The fact that we start to believe things are true simply by them being repeated over and over. These ideologies are that much harder to change the longer they are in place. GO SEE THE LATEST HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, IT'S THE BEST EVER!!
8. The unrelating inevitable
-Our willful denial of the inevitable. Our unrelating nature to situations and events that will, if not always, at least often enough become us. Such as the way that when young, though you know you will one day be old(if you continue to live), your mind cannot believe you will be old, or better yet even fathom that you will die one day for that matter. On more of a daily scenario, our ignorance to other people's situations that we know we've been in and will be in, such as getting pissed off at the fast food employee trying to get your order out however a minute too slow for you, when you know you've performed duties that cannot go any faster. Or getting mad when someone forgets something when you yourself forget things. I can keep going.
7. the tragic hero
-inside each our heads we are the hero of our own narrative, unless we have schizophrenia or something. Yet at the same time as creating our own glorification we are dragging our selves down with self esteem issues. Just look in the mirror and say how often you think you look fat, or look at your problem areas, or think about what you feel are your communication deficiencies. etc.
6. suffering for gain
-working out hurts but it improves you. etc etc.
5. unending desire
-we can often have a defunct moderation function in our brains. particularly with things such as money. This can more clearly be seen as a contradiction when it pertains to harmful things to the body/mind, ie. drugs, fast food.
4. the underdog
-everyone cheers for the underdog, but no one wants to be one. To take this one step further, the underground music scene is based around this principle. As soon as a band has a radio hit, a truly trendy underground rocker can no longer listen to them.
3. relationship vs. solitude
-we as people have an intense desire to have sociality ie. have a partner. But then we also have an intense desire for independance.
2. id and ego
-classic freud. these two represent our desires, and our repressions of these desires. keeping them in check, floating in our head.
1. life and death
-I think for many it scares the hell outta us thinking about existing forever, but then it also scares the hell outta us thinking about ceasing to exist.


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